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Do you remember the last movie you watched and didn’t like? It wasn’t because the quality was poor or the acting was bad, but because you didn’t connect with the story! A message can make or break your video, and it is our job to curate a message that will not only get you seen and heard, but also understood.


90 – Minute session where Identify your audience, Discover their pain points, & Architect a message that will call them to action.

Your Brand Video

Video is one of the most diverse ways to express and showcase your brand, product and story. Let’s show it on the ground, in the air, in super slow motion or sped up through time-lapse! Oh, did I mention? Everything we shoot is in Ultra hi-definition 4k quality!

Infopreneur Packages

6-Month Strategy Session

You are the best at what you do – creating and delivering content. So let me help you create a long term strategy to capture up to 6-months worth of content in the shortest amount of production time!

1-Day of Video Production

– Shoot & create 6-months worth of video content
– One day of production is a $1,000 value

Monthly Delivery of Edited & Polished Videos

This is not a one size fit’s all. We work with you to have your video fit your theme, brand and message.


  • 6-month strategy session
  • 1-day of video production
  • Monthly delivery of up to 2 edited & polished videos


  • 6-month strategy session
  • 2-day of video production
  • Monthly delivery of up to 4 edited & polished videos


  • 6-month strategy session
  • 2-day of video production
  • Monthly delivery of up to 6 edited & polished videos
  • 60 second promo video

Additional Services

Zoom Call

video edits

Custom Video Intro

15-30 seconds

60 second promo

(for monthly content)
– shot near or at location and before or after the 6-month content shoot
– up to 2 testimonial interviews
– licensed music bed