About Us

We’re just like you… we search websites of people we want to do business with and we always look for people who care about us and who get us… We believe that you’re here because you need to be seen and heard. There is something in your world right now that has you on the search for video and we would love to be your solution. We are a group of creative storytellers that are always looking for the best way to tell your story. In full transparency, we don’t believe the customer is always right, just like a doctor doesn’t take our word for it when we feel like we know what’s wrong with us! We believe that you came to us to help you discover how to discover your audience and speak to them the right way – and we LOVE that!


We started Loud Life in 2016 and have had the privilege¬†of working with some of the coolest clients who have become our partners and friends. Our motto is to live life out loud. Some videos have the most energy – really representing this motto… But we also know that to be loud doesn’t mean making your eardrums bleed, it means that your message, whatever it is, lands and lands hard. Thus making you seen and heard