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The COVID Chronicles

We’re all in the same storm, but none of us are quite in the same boat.

Stories From Around The World

Josh “Bump” Galletta

Josh “Bump” Galletta is a successful illustrationist whose career really took off in 2019 and had a bright 2020 ahead of him. He and his family have overcome their fair share of hardships and it was fascinating to hear how they were overcoming the covid pandemic in quarantine with running a business and making sure their kids stayed successful in school. I hope you enjoy some time in the room with Josh “Bump” Galletta.

The YMCA – Stacy Walsh

The YMCA of West Central Florida, strengthening community is their cause. Every day, they work side-by-side with their neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Each year, they help more that 200,000 youth, adults, and seniors improve their health, learn new skills, and have fun. This has not changed during Covid-19, but how they’ve stayed true to their mission has taken a lot of pivoting and team work. Stacy Walsh takes us through this journey.

Achim Harding

Achim Harding, a freelance photographer out of LA, California finds himself in between 2 extreme’s; having just left living in New York and now due to Covid-19 needing to uproot and move to Florida. For him, he began seeing this  and feeling the impacts much earlier than other Americans. Hear his story and how this pandemic isn’t just a blip in his life, but a total life changer.

The McArthur’s

Charity and Chris McArthur are business owners in Lakeland, Fl where they also raise their 2 elementary aged children. These 2 have had to navigate how to not only stay healthy during this pandemic, but homeschool their kids, run three businesses and make sure  that they could continue to provide a means of living for those who worked for them. In this episode see how they were able to some serious lemonade with a sour patch of prunes.

Alexis Brown

There have been a lot of emotions that we have all felt during this pandemic; fear, confusion, frustration, loss, hopefulness, loneliness, comfort, rest, etc… But is it possible to feel all of these at once? Our friend Alexis Brown sure has. In her story, see how she has navigated her journey during Covid-19.

Simon Groneberg

Meanwhile across the pond, Europe has been dealing with Covid-19 significantly longer than the US. In this episode, Simon from Berlin, Germany takes us on a journey on how his country has navigated all the trials Covid-19, how they have kept the numbers down and done well as an economy.

Jessica Eagan

When cooped up in your home for as long as well all have been, we start allowing social pressures to tell us what we “Should be doing” and what life should look like… But what if we gave ourselves the permission to not do that and to love ourselves the ones we’re with? Listen to Jessica’s story and how she has battled more with herself than this virus.

Matt Herbertz

Professor Herbertz is a film professor at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fl. As an educator, he had to learn how to shift to online learning for the remainder of the 2020 spring semester which comprised of freshmen and graduating seniors. We were fascinated to learn how he would rotate hats between educator, mentor and friend to his students as they struggled to keep on track with life and studies.