FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a nation wide ministry that focuses on athletes in schools. The chapter local to where we live (Lakeland) has grown immensely over the past couple years and they needed something that excited people about the impact this program is having on young athletes and inspire them to join the movement.

When Loud Life Productions met with Terry Green (Director of West C. Fl) and DP Pete Gill, we knew that there were a ton of “facts” about the growth of this organization and “ways” people could get “plugged-in”. But we wanted more than that… WE WANTED HYPE! So in thinking out of the box we were able to capitalize on a summer camp with 400 students at local college, South Eastern University and use Anamorphic Lenses that would give us that wiiiiiiiiiide screen with SICK flares.

The final product was everything that the team dreamed of, and it was one of the most fun productions yet. Not only do The Loud Life People support people and their dreams, but also the innovative blend of ones belief into their lives through the intermediate love of hobbies, like sports!

This video sure gets us hyped, and we hope it does you too.

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