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Working with a great DP – Pete Gill

What is a DP? Also known as a Director of Photography, this is the person responsible on a video production set to know everything there is to know about the camera, and technical details to get that money shot! In the case of Loud Life Productions, when we have project that needs a DP we know who we love to call first, and that’s Pete Gill…

After graduating with a degree in communications from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Pete moved out to LA to work in the film industry then moved to Lakeland to start a family. He is contracted by brands such as Red Bull and music event’s like the CMA’s, as well as does editing and coloring for pieces that make their way to Netflix!!!

We love working with Pete because he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, he rocks some of the best video gear, he’s incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with on set and in all stages of production.

And in case you’re wondering how good he really is, take a look at his demo reel