From the cotton paper and wooden frames with simple twine, to the washed clean faces….everything about the Women & Beauty Exhibit, currently showing at  Art/ifact Studios, was natural and beautiful. Kind of like sunlight, bouncing and peeking through sheer curtains, if you don’t take the time reflect, you miss the simpleness of its beauty.

A passion project of Jordan Weiland (Jordan Weiland Editorial),  her hope is for women to continue to have a conversation about the standards of beauty, with or without make up on. “I think there are so many definitions of beauty that are put upon women that are false and I wanted to put one out that was positive, honest, and natural.”

Because this is a local photographer, there were local women in this exhibit and it made the experience all the more special. To see women who I work with and laugh with. From business owners whose establishments I frequent to little girls who run and play with my son. It was personal, and so meaningful to see them natural and vulnerable.

If I could name this exhibit it would be the Strong & Beautiful Women and Girls of Lakeland, FL. It made me so proud to be a part of this beautiful city.


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