Chelsea Victoria Photography is a successful lifestyle and event photographer in South Florida, celebrating her 10th year of taking gorgeous portraits. She is highly recommended by wedding wire for her wedding photography, and really captures people and moments beautifully.

“My favorite photographs are the ones you can almost hear.
The ones that sincerely illustrate the love in a person.
Photographs that purely reflect the warmth of life.”
– Chelsea Victoria Ross

But that’s not all!

Planning for a video shoot (soon to be featured) that explored more whimsical and creative scenes I knew we needed someone who understood it. Before lifestyle and event portraits, Chelsea cut her teeth on avantgarde photography. Mostly self portraits, she played around with light, costumes, and color in her photographs. Creativity takes courage and vulnerability, and she is not afraid to go there.


So why bring a photographer on a video shoot? Well, she’s great at both. She understands stills and motion. With years of experience in event photography, she see’s the shot effortlessly and quickly. She also communicates clearly to the artist how to move and stand, creating jaw dropping images.

On a personal level, she is also just fun to work with. This woman is resilient and brilliant, and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years of her creative inspiration brings to the world. Don’t forget to follow her work on Facebook and Instagram!

<3 Natalya


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