I am relentlessly curious. Some may even use the word nosy. Either way, I have always been fascinated by people and their story.

I am a avid journal writer and once my mom gave me her typewriter in middle school I dabbled in writing fiction, albeit mostly about sexually repressed teenagers. Normally, I always had a storyline going on in my head and would checkout during class to finish adding plots to my juicy narrative.

Somewhere along the line I stopped writing and I stopped being curious. I settled for what people told me I was good at and what paid the bills. It worked for awhile, but after my first son was born the image of myself I had so carefully constructed began to crumble. I lost my community, my faith…my whole identity. I folded into myself, and it hurt, really bad. I stayed there for awhile pretending to be some version of what I was before and it only made it worse. It wasn’t until I was pregnant again did something start to change. I got curious and for the first time, honest with myself. I began a process of deconstructing layers of ideology, faith, image, and self talk. Then to my surprise, underneath it all, I found that girl with a typewriter again.

I’ve had this dream for awhile that I never executed on it because,,,,well, I was scared. The dream has been about finding extraordinary people and telling their story through video to empower others. People who live their life loud, or Loud Life People I like to call them. My hope is to bring these personal brand stories to life so that we may all collectively rise, and that maybe, in doing what makes me come alive, I can be a Loud Life person too.

May we all find and own our story,


More Loud Life People

Imagine the Possibilities – Gate Arty

People who live their life loud comes in many different forms. In Loud Life Production's latest brand commercial we meet hard working Realtor, Gate Arty, and his realty team Gate Arty and the Group with Keller Williams Realty. He has truly been top ten of favorite...

Lindsay Johnson Brand Video

This personal brand video was a dream! We wanted Lindsay's audience to see all her many talents, but also what it took to get there. Whenever I get to meet artists, I'm always inspired by their backstory and Lindsay's story was no different. She often gets referred to...

The whimsical side of Chelsea Victoria Photography

The whimsical side of Chelsea Victoria Photography

Chelsea Victoria Photography is a successful lifestyle and event photographer in South Florida, celebrating her 10th year of taking gorgeous portraits. She is highly recommended by wedding wire for her wedding photography, and really captures people and moments...

Girl on Fire – Lindsay Johnson

Girl on Fire – Lindsay Johnson

I first met Lindsay in college. You couldn't miss her with her hippy outfits and huge upright bass that she would lug around campus. What captured me the most; however, was that she always exuded confidence and self awareness. I have been watching Lindsay perform for...

That Loud Life Guy – Jamie Clemens

That Loud Life Guy – Jamie Clemens

I identify as a water kid. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach where you could either find me at the beach surfing or wake boarding on a lake. There was also a polar opposite side of me where I drove a 1988 4WD 5 speed pick-up truck that was a color I called...

Women and Beauty

From the cotton paper and wooden frames with simple twine, to the washed clean faces....everything about the Women & Beauty Exhibit, currently showing at  Art/ifact Studios, was natural and beautiful. Kind of like sunlight, bouncing and peeking...