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That Loud Life Guy – Jamie Clemens

I identify as a water kid. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach where you could either find me at the beach surfing or wake boarding on a lake. There was also a polar opposite side of me where I drove a 1988 4WD 5 speed pick-up truck that was a color I called “road sign green”, and I was always looking for a chance to go to the woods to hunt or fish.

Growing up in a world like that and with parents who worked really hard to give me a good life, it caused me to have a very optimistic and skewed view of how the world works – it just works for you (or so I thought). So at the age of 19 when I met who is now my wife, Natalya, she called me an optimist to a fault. Even at 19, I had a desire to own a video company, so when the company she worked for said they were considering a video I drove over to my church, grabbed all the video equipment I could find, stuffed it in a duffle bag and prepared my pitch. The pitch looked like this: at a conference room table with Natalya’s boss, placing all the video equipment on the table and basically said “you can have all of this” (nodding proudly). Needless to say, they passed.

But it’s with this same spirit, that I was able to somehow put a ring on Natalya, convince our friends and family to support us to move to Costa Rica for a year as we worked with a sponsorship organization. To trail blaze positions at new companies when we returned back to the states and eventually start Loud Life Productions only 7 months after having our first son… all powered by optimism.

So with that, we have Loud Life Productions. A brand that is a symbol of the same spirit we realized we’ve naturally lived – LOUD. We love the risk takers, the innovative and creative thinkers, the ones who stand for something outside of themselves and take up causes. We want to tell those stories. The Loud Life People is my tribe, stretching ME to think outside MYSELF and grow in my sympathy and gain new empathy.

I’m Jamie Clemens, Co-Founder of Loud Life Productions and The Loud Life People, and I hope to leave a beautiful mark on this world.

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