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Loud Life Productions was thrilled to partner with Lakeland Electric recently in producing a series of videos highlighting the topic of energy efficiency and electric demand. Featuring Lakeland actors Nate Fleming and Cameron Smith, who are both known for their work with Swan City Improv, the short films are both humorous (of course!) and engaging.  You can watch several of the videos here on Lakeland Electric’s Facebook page, but we’ve included one for you to check out below.





You’re Not the Hero, You’re the Guide

Generally speaking, advertisements fall into one of three categories: to inform, persuade, or remind viewers about a product or service. And, of course, the easiest way to do this is attempting to convince a potential customer that her life is lacking in some way… her hair is frizzy and untamed. Her wardrobe is outdated (…and speaking of clothes- she’s not fooling anyone by layering that cardigan over her spaghetti-stained blouse!). Her car is one more breakdown away from imminent death. Her recipes are insufficient to keep the kids healthy. Once you’ve convinced her that she’s somehow failing at life, she’s exponentially more likely to buy your shampoo, jeans, laundry detergent, new minivan, and meal service subscription. Quite frankly, you are the hero she has so desperately needed to help her get her life together- finally.

What companies often fail to consider, however, is one simple fact: no one wants to be a victim. We don’t like to feel insufficient. We’d rather our mistakes and shortcomings fly under the radar, rather than feeling “called out” during every single commercial break.

And, while we’re talking about trying to see things from our audience’s perspective, let’s remember that potential customers don’t really care to listen to a company drone on and on about how wonderful they are, and how great their product is. Sure, sometimes it’s important to briefly explain why your company or product is superior to its competitors. But using up 60 seconds of a 90 second radio ad to list your business’s awards and accolades is not only going to annoy your listeners, it’s also going to cause them to zone out or change the channel… and that’s the last thing we want, right?

People don’t need a hero when it comes to choosing laundry detergent- they need to BE the hero of their own story. (Well, unless their laundry basket is filled with capes and tights… then, maybe a superhero’s perspective would be valuable?) More importantly, they need a guide. They need someone to validate their struggles and help them to find a better, easier, and more effective way to wash their clothes.

So, when you’re reviewing marketing strategies and find yourself itching to leap tall buildings in a single bound, remember: You’re not the hero, you’re the guide.




In the Community: Lakeland Economic Development Council Website Update

Recently, the Lakeland Economic Development Council’s website underwent an extensive renovation. The finished product was a collaborative effort between Catapult members JD Arbuckle of Smart Inbound Marketing, Jon Sierra of Sierra Creative, and Loud Life Productions

“Their team did an amazing job streamlining resources and highlighting the most important information,” said JD Arbuckle. “In turn, we created a design and platform that showcased all the best Lakeland has to offer, along with valuable tools for businesses and community members.”

In addition to the sleek and streamlined new design, the LEDC’s website boasts some impressive statistics about the City of Lakeland. Check it out here:


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