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Girl on Fire – Lindsay Johnson

I first met Lindsay in college. You couldn’t miss her with her hippy outfits and huge upright bass that she would lug around campus. What captured me the most; however, was that she always exuded confidence and self awareness.

I have been watching Lindsay perform for years and she has since added to her routine from fire hula hooping, walking on stilts, to now aerial silks. I wanted to capture it on video and tell the story behind the make up, costumes and props. What I found there was someone who was unapologetic about what sets her soul on fire.

Some things to know about Lindsay is that she is a true performer and professional.  Video production scenes move quickly depending on light and its long hours to get the right take. She understands the camera angles and every take she gave it 110% after a whole day of some really physically demanding scenes.

Among all her incredible talents she also has a lifestyle blog,, that centers around mental health and wellness and a YouTube channel about tips on Vegan living, cause did I mention she is also a Vegan???

I love working with Lindsay Johnson and I can’t wait to show you her personal video brand story soon!

<3 Natalya

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