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The Ferrari in the Garage

Recent Work: Kings Academy

In our latest collaboration with The Kings Academy, Loud Life Productions created an ad campaign to help them with recruitment for their international student program. Instead of making one video that glosses over all of the impressive things about the school, we opted to make six individual videos that offer in-depth information for interested parents. The topics covered in the videos line up with the school’s most consistent inquiries, and they are: 

  • Immersion
  • Residential Living
  • Friendships
  • College Prep
  • English Speaking
  • Extra-Curricular

We’d love for you to take the time to check out this montage of all six videos:

Messaging Tips: The Ferrari in the Garage 

Everyone has a dream car, right? You know, “the one” that you’d love to own, but can’t be sure that it’ll ever happen? I mean, yes, those dreams change and shift throughout the course of life. The zippy little sports car that you once dreamed of owning may have given way to the fantasy of a large SUV with enough space to hold all of the strollers and carseats and diaper bags and soccer cleats and uniforms and backpacks… oh, and the kids, as well. 

I think it’s safe to say that most people would love to own a Ferrari. Even if it’s not practical in your everyday life, the thrill of climbing behind the wheel and taking it out on the open road is appealing to most people. But, imagine this: you finally arrive at a place in your life, financially, where purchasing the Ferrari is becoming a reality. The payments might just finally be feasible (or hey, if we’re taking the fantasy all the way, you can pull out your checkbook and pay the whole price… I mean, I assume you’d need to write a check, yes? I can’t imagine anyone would be walking around with $260k cash in their pocket, no matter their net worth. Unfortunately, my life experience has not adequately prepared me to answer these burning questions. But, I digress.) You buy the Ferrari, drive it home (continuously checking out your reflection as you drive, I’d imagine), park it in the garage, throw the keys in the back of a drawer, and walk into the garage daily to admire it. Oh, and of course, show it off to any lucky visitors who happen to come to your house! Let them walk around it, maybe even turn the engine over so that they can hear and appreciate the awesomeness. 

Wait, what? It makes absolutely no sense to spend over $260,000 on a new car, only to leave it in your garage and never drive it. That Ferrari deserves to be driven. It should be seen as often as possible! But when you spend all of your time, energy, and money on producing marketing content without considering your distribution plan, you are essentially leaving the Ferrari in the garage. 

Distribution has to be a major point of consideration for any form of digital marketing. From the very beginning of an ad concept, it’s important to not only think about how your message will be seen, but also to allocate a sizeable portion of your budget for getting it out there. Drive your ad around, let it be seen by a larger audience. Don’t just leave it parked in the “garage” of your company’s website to be admired by those who happen to stop by- formulate a plan to distribute it to a wide range of viewers.

Community Highlight: Help(her)

We are absolutely thrilled about one of our community’s latest startups, a dream birthed by Lakeland’s own Teresa O’Brien. Help(her) is a genius way of connecting businesses in need with women who would like to earn money, and have the skills to offer, but not enough availability for full-time work.

After multiple conversations with entrepreneurs who found themselves needing assistance from time-to-time, but not enough consistent work to hire an employee, Teresa decided to build a bridge between these entrepreneurs and women who are skilled and capable of meeting these needs for some extra cash. Once businesses sign up with Help(her), they are matched with one of the company’s “help(her)s”- women who have been background-checked and chosen specifically for the job. And these “help(her)s” are women from every phase of life- from college students to stay-at-home and/or single moms to empty nesters. 

If you know Teresa personally, you’ll agree that she is not only one of the most grateful and appreciative women you’ve ever met, but also an encourager who sees potential in everyone, and makes a point to remind them that they are important and highly-valued. Her vision for Help(her) lines up perfectly with the role that she has already played in the lives of so many entrepreneurs and women in her life.

We’re so excited to see the impact of Help(her) in our community, and wish Teresa every success along the way! If you’re interested in utilizing Help(her)’s services, check out their website at And if you happen to know anyone in the Lakeland area who could benefit from having a help(her), be sure and share this information with them.